Wild and Whimsical Rugs

There are a plethora of great rugs out there to suit any style of room, but if you like to push the boundaries, kick off your shoes and have a wander over this little lot.

sunny side up novelty fried egg rug by Valentina Audrito

Sunny Side Up Shag Rug. Via Hometone

Many of you may have admired the British made Stamp Rugs embossed with Her Majesty’s head, and if the blown up proportions of this icon tickle your fancy then you might also enjoy a taste of giant Custard Cream…

…or even a shag pile fried egg complete with double yolk leather throw pillows by Valentina Audrito, daughter of Franco Audrito of Studio 65, origin of the iconic Kiss sofa.

Modular rugs are a fantastic way to make your space work for you, as they can be linked together to create custom shapes and lengths for an L-shaped room or an extra long hallway, whilst circular rugs create an excellent centre piece for a social furniture arrangement.

Homemade maze rug how-to at Makezine

If you’re someone who likes to add their own personal touch, or avoid designer prices, then how about making your own creation? All you need is a basic plain rug to start, masking tape to mark out your design, and a pair of electric clippers that you won’t mind blunting the blades on…

You could even have a go at recreating your own version of the glowing Light Carpet by Johanna Hyrkas (below), with some LED string lights, a bright idea for beneath a glass table!

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