Pop Topic: Traditional Garden Design Back In Vogue

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British heritage has never being so fashionable in our gardens. 2012 was a huge year for the country, with the success of the Olympics and the Queens Jubilee. Gardeners across the country have been paying homage to this, by making a move towards the more traditional British garden. The latest trends include old fashioned flowers, huge hanging baskets & fragrant flowers. A traditional themed garden wouldn’t be the same without the embodiment of a water feature.

A fountain can be the talking point of any garden. It can act as a centrepiece, or add that special little detail in a corner or along a walkway. Just how big your garden isn’t doesn’t really matter; there are a wide range of fountains available to suit any style or taste.

Basin Fountains

Tempt your devilish side with a wall mounted, basin fountain. Basin fountains are great for adding to the aesthetics of a garden and are an excellent choice where there isn’t quite enough room for a fountain to be positioned in the centre of the garden.

Basin fountains do not over dominate a garden thanks to their relatively low profile, yet still add a touch of style and elegance. If the devilish look is not your thing, there is a range of other designs including cherubs, angels and pan.

Flat Lions Mask

Incorporating a lion in your garden is a great way of honouring the traditional British garden. Their popularity owes much to King Richard I, who was of course referred to as Richard the Lionheart due to his military prowess and bravery. They have graced our country homes and manors for generations in the form of gate guards, lawn ornaments and planters.

However, the king of the jungle (or garden) really demonstrates his power when incorporated into a decorative fountain design. Whether you position him proudly on the wall in full view, or have him peaking menacingly through the undergrowth, a flat lion mask fountain can really introduce a touch of the wild – perfect for where your garden has areas that are a little unkempt.

Gothic Trough

Gothic trough fountains are ideal for the garden with a little more room to spare. They work perfectly as a centre piece, or a visual focal point in any area of a garden. With a little careful planning, you can even add partitions to the trough; allowing for the positioning of some bedding plants.

Imagine sitting back with a cold drink, as the bees and butterflies lazily fly around your garden visiting the flowers, with the peaceful sound of water gently trickling away in the background. Is there anything more British?

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