Traditional Christmas Garland with a Hit of Hot Pink!

Ever since we first bought this house with it’s tall three-sectioned staircase, I have dreamed of hanging a lush Christmas garland just like the ones I have admired in movies for years. Unfortunately the handrail was positioned dangerously low, there were spindles missing everywhere and the newel posts were hacked unsympathetically by previous owners to accommodate a very 1970’s boxed-in look, urgh.

Staircase Restoration

Lots of work was needed to bring this staircase up to code and back to beauty, including stripping down the treads and risers to repaint ready for a smart new runner. So after 3 years of renovating this house, we finally completed all of the staircase renovation too, and at long last I have been able to hang a festive garland!

Plain Garlands

I ordered several lengths of quality plain green garland from eBay, the first reason being because a plain undecorated garland is a LOT cheaper than pre-decorated lengths, and this was going to be one lengthy project! The second reason was that I want the freedom to chop and change my colour scheme as the whim takes me.

Decorating a Christmas Garland

This year I have gone with my hallway accent colour of hot pink. This may sound a little shocking to some, but with swathes of white and base notes of black and charcoal in the surroundings, the bright hue is counterbalanced nicely. I also kept the amount of garland ornaments to a sophisticated minimum, using just enough to pepper the festive greenery with fresh flourishes of fun.

Hanging a Staircase Garland

I opted for a full-on swagged arrangement for ultimate traditional glamour, using lengths of black organza wired ribbon to attach the lengths to the handrail with pretty, mouldable bows.

Surprisingly, each of these bow fasteners measure a full metre in length, so do buy a good sized reel if you are embarking on a similar project–again, I found eBay a great resource for this, I purchased this ribbon at around a third of the price of that found in another well-known craft store.

Keep the garland swags of similar length and curve depth by counting the same number of spindles between the peaks, though you will find that as the Christmas garland approaches bends and turns in the staircase a little trial and error (and patience) will be needed.

What do you decorate your staircase with at Christmastime?