Pop Topic: Top Tips to Get Your Garden Ready for Summer

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Summer is finally right around the corner, and it’s time to get outdoors and prepare the garden for months of entertainment and an increasing amount of use. After an unpredictable and unwelcoming winter, the chances are that your garden will need a certain amount of tender loving care before it can be brought back to life for summer barbeques and sunny afternoons out on the terrace or on the decking.


A combination of warm weather conditions and gentle drizzling provide the optimum growing conditions for a great deal of plants. Rose bushes and wood bearing ornamentals will undoubtedly require pruning with some high quality gardening tools, and this will have to be continued throughout the next few coming months to keep your garden in pristine condition.

A clean cut with sharp tools wards of insects and reduces the likelihood of disease, so if need be, new secateurs can be purchased.


A slow–release nitrogen rich fertilizer can be applied to developing plants and shrubs, whilst a quick dousing of your lawn will also be beneficial. This allows your plant life to prosper to its full potential during the growing season, giving them essential nutrients and minerals for a long summer.

Flower beds and vegetable patches will also benefit from some fresh topsoil and a light fertilizer to start the growing off on the right foot.


An unattractive and uncared for garden will not be a place of sanctuary and relaxation over the summer. Getting on top of weeding in the early days is essential, and a weed killer may be required to remove the more stubborn growths.

Weeds can also be deterred with the help of bark mulch, which can be liberally spread over plant beds and roots. This will also provide the required moisture and protection throughout the hot summer months and inevitable harsh weather conditions.

Lawn Care

The health and appearance of your lawn will be paramount over the next coming months, so it’s important to be proactive and give it the care it needs. The winter has been particularly harsh, so you may find that seeding or even new turf will be required to give you a fresh and healthy lawn in time for a great deal of summer use.

If your lawn has braved the harsh snow, wind and rain, a light cut may be all that is required to revitalise your grass, but ensure your lawn mower blade is sharp.

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