Showers to Show Off About

As we stumble bleary-eyed into our steamy sanctuaries, most would agree that there’s nothing quite as refreshing as a blast in decent shower to start, or end, the day. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a shower that not only looks a bit swish, but also makes us feel just a little bit good about ourselves in a whole new way?

There are now several shower systems on the market, like these from Mira, that will not only pretty up our cubicles with a contemporary chrome finish but will leave us feeling rather ecologically smug by using far less water during our daily scrub – perfect for those of us who like to linger a little longer.

To top off this tasty ecologically friendly cake, some of these shower systems also bring interchangeable integrated nifty design features with them: handy plug-in accessories such as a soap dish or soap dispenser pump, or a shelf on which you can park your own choice of fancy potion bottle. The simplest things make the biggest difference.

For the whizzy washer who likes to jump in and out of the shower in a flash (and I’m talking about speed here, not about leaving the bathroom blinds open) there are modern mixer showers that reach the optimum temperature in a jiffy.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you will love a home gadget or three. The bathroom is not usually at the top of the tech list for digital home enhancement, but check out these wireless wonders!

This wireless digital shower system has a thermostat that can be located up to ten metres away from the shower valve–no more sticking your arm in and out at lightening speed to avoid the dreaded soggy dressing gown sleeve! If you wanted to be a real shower show off you could even locate a second controller next to your bed so that you could warm up the en suite before you even roll out of your bunk, the shower will warm up to your selected temperature and then shut off until you get there–perfect for if you happen to doze off again!

So, the next time you decide to update this important wash time gem, shower the process with careful consideration, it could make a big splash against the daily drudge.