Remodelling Your Home the Clean House Way

Most homeowners dream of remodelling the interior of their homes for a variety of reasons. Whether you just got bored with the old design of your abode or you want to move some furniture around in order to make the rooms of your house more functional, remodelling can make a good home great.

Affording a Remodel

All kinds of reasons can spark a home remodel: re-sale potential, upgrading for future retirement, going green, or to avoid the hassle of buying a new home.

Due to budget constraints we can’t always remodel as we please, however, this obstacle can be resolved by combining an innovative way of topping up the pennies, and discovering how to remodel your home without spending extravagantly…

Yard Sales & Online Auctions

You can take inspiration from home makeover shows like ‘Clean House’, where hosts guide homeowners through the process of letting their old and unused belongings go into a yard sale, and the proceeds of the sale are used to remodel their houses.

The hosts of the show are yard sale experts, but anyone can become a sales expert by using auction websites like eBay to research going rates and sell their items securely‚Äďand you won’t even have to stand out in the rain!

Shop Savvy

This home revamp show seems to have come to an end, so unfortunately we can’t wait around for the team of home bargain savvy hosts to come to town, but we can adapt a similar idea by sourcing stylish items from pocket friendly furniture and appliance superstores.

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