Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for the Summer

When throwing a birthday party, regardless of the time of year, you will no doubt be working like crazy with ideas as to how to make it amazing. If you or your loved one is lucky enough to be celebrating their birthday party in the summer months, throwing a garden party can be a fantastic idea, not only for making the most of the glorious weather, but also for keeping the mess and chaos outside your house!

If you’re quite new to the idea of throwing a garden party but would really love to give it a go, we’ve put together some ideas for making it amazing and as stress free and budget friendly as possible.

Use Flowers & Natural Elements

Make the most of the beautiful elements in your garden by displaying some of your favourite flowers, leaves, petals and twigs in pretty vases and jars. These can serve as a really cheap centre piece or just extra bits of decor. Use lots of them throughout the garden for added effect.

Chalkboard Messages & Menus

A great trend that’s taking over the online craft world at the moment is DIY chalkboards and we think they make a great addition to a garden party. We love this one, found on Pinterest that uses a chalkboard sign to welcome guests from the front and direct them to the garden. You could also use mini ones on the food table to point out what’s what.

Soft, Creative Lighting Solutions

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any party as its how the atmosphere is created. Use soft lights like gentle outside fairy lights that are the perfect lights for summer garden parties.

You could even use candles too as the day progresses. If you have little ones or pets, try putting them in jars and hang them up to keep them out of reach. This also will look really pretty, too.

Mix & Match Seating Ideas

One of the great things about having a party outside is the fact that you can enjoy a relaxed setting with all the benefits of nature and summer. Therefore refrain from just giving your guests lots of chairs to sit on; think about adding things like throws and big cushions so they can sit on the floor if they like, too, to make the most of being outside.

Creative Ways to Keep Drinks Cool

Keeping drinks (and food) cool outdoors in the summer can feel like a difficult task, but you could use little elements to do so and impress your guests.

Why not get creative with summery, floral ice cubes? Or you could fill rustic buckets with ice and petals around the garden for your guests to put their drinks in.

Make sure you provide your guests with a bit of shade too so that they have somewhere to go for a break from the sun on particularly hot days.

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