My Home Rocks Tours: Natalie’s Gorgeous Garden Room

In response to my article on Garden Rooms & Outdoor Offices, Natalie Bronickis, of Engraving Plus, has submitted a My Home Rocks Tour around her stunning garden room in Queensland, Australia.

Semi-Permanent Structure

Natalie tells us, “My outdoor room is one on a tight budget, and with council restriction, we couldn’t make it a permanent type of structure so we went with semi-permanent on our deck.

Anyway, we love it… day and night, it is gorgeous. In fact, I think I might work out there today… it’s a beautiful day here in sunny Queensland”, and I would most certainly be working out there too if it were mine!

Furnishing an Outdoor Room

A vintage style dresser and pretty accessories gives the space a sense of permanence despite the structures temporary nature, as the outdoor room appears fully dressed and every bit as cared for as an indoor area might be.

The warm glow of candle lanterns enhances the cosy atmosphere, and brings a magical air as darkness falls over the natural setting.

Thank you Natalie, for sharing your gorgeous garden room with us on My Home Rocks Tours!

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