My Home Rocks Tours: My Bathroom In Progress!

As I’m currently sourcing a company to make a bespoke shower screen for my forever ongoing bathroom renovation, I thought I’d share some snaps of my work in progress with you all–and maybe even inspire some of you to submit photographs of your own home improvement project on My Home Rocks Tours? I’ve had some gorgeous submissions so far and I’d LOVE to see more!

First of all, I must admit that whilst I adore home design I am a little slow moving when it comes to completing my own home. I guess it’s comparable to web designers who never have time to update their own website, and the cleaning ladies/gents who’s homes might go without a duster for a bit!

Anyway, I’ve included a few ‘Before’ pics to show just how much the space has developed; it has been a long journey that started off with two separate rooms, a skinny corridor, and some rather fetching 1960s brown sanitaryware…

bathroom shower cubicle

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Bespoke Shower Screen

You’ll note the lack of a shower screen. I’m trying to source a company that can make me a bespoke cut panel that will run to the shape of the sloping ceiling, to team with a ‘frameless’ outward opening door.

Accent Wall

Aside from the missing shower screen, I’m contemplating the addition of an accent wall colour, perhaps a soothing shade of grey. I have introduced a deep purple shade within my towels and accessories too so maybe there is a warmer accent option in that. I do like the idea of being able to change these bits and pieces out easily though, to create a completely different vibe to the room with a tiny amount of outlay.

Window Treatments

An improvement on the vertical blinds that were hastily installed throughout the house as a temporary fix (to hide our modesty the week we moved in) are definitely on the change list too. I’d love to have traditional white shutters installed but I don’t think the space around the lower window would allow. There are some great wooden verticals that give a similar feel though (and are more budget friendly) so maybe there’s a compromise to be found there.

Let me know what you think of my project so far (and if you know of a reasonable bespoke shower screen supplier in North East England) in the comments below, and don’t forget to send in some photos of your own using my quick & easy Submission Form!


Have you got any bathroom inspiration you want to share? Leave a comment…


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