Modern Sofa Beds & Funky Futons

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When far-flung family or old friends land for an impromptu overnight stay (oh the joy, that cold creeping kind of joy as you realise several loads of washed clothes still decorate the banisters, radiators and countertops, and the collection of crumbs delicately dropped by your wandering toddler create a ‘helpful’ path for your guests to follow to find the kitchen), it’s something of a relief to have a spare bed ready and waiting rather than one that needs inflating, unless you’re partial to a pre-bedtime foot-pump workout.

However, the problem with having a spare guest bed in your home is the large amount of useful space it greedily gobbles up, which is a luxury that not all of us are able to afford in our rather compact modern homes. The perfect solution to our sleep space struggle, whilst remaining the host with the absolute most, is to choose an efficiently folding sofa bed or a cute and compact futon.

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A funky futon can be pushed into the corner of almost any room, and is small enough to be moved easily into position when needed, without ever breaking a sweat or a fingernail. Once upon a time these little gems only looked fit to sit in a poky student flat, or perhaps in a child’s room for the occasional sleepover, but nowadays dinky futon designs are making a big impact.

When not in use as a guest bed, the neat seat is also a handy perching spot where you can pop on your shoes and lay out tomorrow’s outfit–or toss down today’s (admittedly most likely the latter).

If you are lucky enough to have an entirely spare room, you may still be reluctant to give it up wholeheartedly to the rare guest, so cunning dual purpose furniture is the ideal solution.

Convertible seating will allow the room to be arranged as a cosy snug for reading, sewing, or crafting, or a home office space where you can sort out the influx of household paperwork in peace. By clearing out a bulky bed and replacing it with a smart sofa bed, to provide equal comfort for both daytime and night-time lounging, a spare bedroom could be utilised in a completely different and more useful way.

There are a whole bunch of multipurpose furniture designs to make good use of a room of just about any dimensions. Sofa beds and chair beds come in all different sizes and designs with fold-out or flatten-out mechanisms, stylish wooden or contemporary metal frames, and some even incorporate an extra trundle beneath. Whatever your home style or hosting needs for unwelcome guests, there is something to put up (or shut up) anyone!