Making Space for a Garden Shed

garden-sunsetGarden sheds are typically used to store plumbing tools, garden tools, wheelbarrows, lawnmowers and small storage supplies. However, sometimes these sheds do not provide sufficient space for all their possible uses. This problem can be overcome by building a multi-purpose shed that can provide the necessary space when needed.

Building a garden shed takes additional planning and more space. Mostly, these storage buildings are built with wood that adds to your gardens charm and enhances the landscaping of your garden. You can even have garden sheds that are two stories high with exterior or interior stairs, partitions, wider garage doors, windows, and often they can include a lean-to or a deck.

Other Uses for Your Shed

You can even use a shed as your workshop, a guest house, a dog house, a games room, an office, a place to store garden toys, or a garage. It can also be used to store sentimental storage items and seasonal decorations. Many people use them as a mechanics-spare to restore antique cars, or if your garden space allows, you can even consider building a garden shed with a kitchen in it for hosting big family events.

There are a variety of shed designs and options to choose from and you can easily choose the perfect one for your use.


Tips for Preparing for Your Garden Shed

Select the Right Site

You should choose a site that is dry, level, and is also easily accessible. Avoid building your shed in a low-lying area that collects a lot of water. Otherwise, your shed will get soggy. Excess moisture can also rot hinges, wood, promote growth of mildew and mold, and blister paint.

Create a Sound Foundation

Selection of proper materials is the key to building a long lasting foundation. Small to medium sized garden sheds can be supported on on-grade foundation made using pressure-treated wood timbers or solid-concrete blocks. Always use solid blocks as your shed foundation. Hollow blocks crumble and may eventually crack under the weight of the building.

Give it Some Air

Leave at least two or three feet space around the four sides of your garden shed for adequate air circulation.

Use Windows Wisely

Since most garden sheds don’t have any electricity, you should choose a design with a few windows to brighten up the interior. Otherwise, you might have to use a torch every time you enter your shed, day or night. However, avoid having too many windows as they may encroach on your wall space and leave less space for shelves and storage.

It’s a good idea to have all your windows on the south- and east-facing shed walls if you can, as this will let in the maximum sunlight. If you’d like lots of sunlight but also need wall space for storage, you can opt for a design with a skylight.

Double Door

For small to medium-sized garden sheds a single pair of swinging doors is fine, but for a large shed you’d be wise to install two pairs of doors to keep everything accessible. Make sure you can get your largest items through the door.

Don’t DIY Everything

Some parts of garden sheds may need lot of experience to build, and it can be bit exhausting to do yourself. If you choose a shed from a company like York Timber then installation is included in the price, which will certainly save you time and money by avoiding any costly mistakes. However, you should make sure to hire an electrician if you have plans to power up your garden shed.

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