Garden Rooms & Outdoor Offices

No matter how much space we start off with in our homes, we always seem to need more! From small-scale storage solutions to full-on home extensions, everyone is striving to create even a smidgen of extra room for the added requirements of modern life, because with bulky home gyms and file filled home offices, our busy homes are positively popping at the seams.

Outdoor Room Designs

One way to tackle this problem: garden rooms.  From contemporary glass fronted structures with swanky bifold doors, to an adorable mini makeover of your potting shed; outdoor rooms make every square metre of your property work for you.


Mini Garden Rooms

You don’t even have to own an especially huge garden to enjoy the benefits of a garden living space, there are a whole host of mini pods just big enough for you and your laptop that will still succeed in sweeping you away from the whirlwind of life inside the family home, providing peace to concentrate on your projects.

Separate Work and Family Life

A garden office is a superb solution for separating family time from work, as once you have closed up your outbuilding for the evening, you can no longer see those files looming or the computer glaring at you, which will allow you to unwind and refresh fully.

Do consider the direction of your windows when it comes to placing your garden studio, as north and east-facing glass could leave your space a little chilly and dull, whereas south and west-facing windows will capture the suns natural heat and light.

Garden Studio

You might also like to use your contemporary take on the summerhouse as a garden art studio, craft room, outside music room, or as a games den and hangout for noisy teenagers with equally noisy friends–keeping them down the other end of the garden might also keep them out of your fridge!

Planning Permission

Depending on the size, intended use, and location of your garden room, you may find that you don’t need even planning permission or Building Regulations Approval. However, there are some strict exceptions, so do be sure to check the latest rules and regulations online, and consult your local council’s planning department to be on the safe side.

It brings entirely new meaning to ‘doing your business’ in an outhouse, doesn’t it!

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