From Nostalgic Niknacks to Retro Home Accessories

When it comes to nostalgic nicknacks around the home, these lifelong loves can range from the sublime to the ridiculous. I’m not usually one for hanging on to things myself, I’m what you might call a Declutter Bug, but I am forced to admit to a few ‘special’ little somethings scattered here and there.

Pots of Fun

Perhaps the strangest of my attachments comes in the form of four perfectly formed 1980’s Play-Doh pots, complete with old-school illustration of the grinning beret adorned child. Yes, these are the glorious plastic tubs that used to be filled with the sweet smell of after-school fun time, and wonderful weekends whiling away hours in my ‘Mop Top Hair Shop’ where I could hack off the squidgy tresses of squat plastic plebs without reproach.

Nowadays these four familiar containers do not produce ever growing mop-tops, nor do they serve up scoops of salty make-believe ice-cream to sleepily indifferent parents. The new purpose bestowed upon these inanimate childhood chums is in fact ever changing.

Herb Garden

Once upon a time they efficiently stored fiddly craft bits and bobs in my home office, and later they found their way onto a bookcase purely as a bit of retro home style. Right now these little gems are perched in a prime spot above my kitchen countertop, acting as temporary homes to a mini indoor herb garden. A strange choice admittedly, but they ignite a happy child-like glow in me each time I lop off some leaves.

Not only did these four little friends spark creativity in me as a child, they continue to do so as a grown-up, as I think up new ways in which to love them. I enjoy seeing my retro toy packaging around the place, and so does my toddler, but he will have to make do with his new Doh pots, which might one day find themselves displayed in his very own first home.