Fresh Landscaping Trends to Rejuvenate a Neglected Garden

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If your garden is looking a little bit shabby, or even if you’d just like to incorporate some new ideas into an old space, there are a few great trends to try out this season.

Make Shabby Chic

Why not take a look around your existing garden or in your home to create new designer pieces. Clay pots can be broken and strung up to make a unique wind chime. Old watering cans or disused containers can be made into a unique container garden. Dig out the remnants of wax from old candles and use them as dinky potters for herbs on a windowsill. Virtually anything can be made into a decoration for your garden, as long as it is waterproof and free of toxins.


Add some elegant seating to your garden to instantly improve the landscape. You could always purchase some lovely second hand furniture if you’re on a budget, then refinish the wood or paint wrought-iron furniture to match the colour scheme of your garden. You can even build seating into the landscape itself. If you’re not very experienced with carpentry, you can find many step-by-step instructions on how to build a seating bench online. How about building a bench that is long and wide so that you can incorporate plants in the middle? Be sure to design the dip in the centre deep enough to bed your favourite plants.

Add Height

One of the biggest trends in landscaping right now is to develop a variety of heights in the garden. It adds visual interest to the space. Purchase poles with hooks, and fill with potted plants in an array of colours. Incorporate the poles into your existing flower beds at varying heights. You could also grow some ivy or other climbing plants in another area of your garden to add differing levels of height and depth. Sheds come in all materials and sizes and can contribute positively to your garden design rather than being hidden away.

Which of these landscaping trends do you like best?


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