Console Tables for Hectic Hallways

The mad morning key scramble, lippy larding, and flustered hair fluff is a familiar and often fragmented ritual as we dash for the door, but these steps could be made blissfully more streamlined by the introduction of a humble hallway table.

Hallway Organisation

Think of a console table as a one-stop-shop for last minute load-ups of work ID cards and mobile phone chargers, and as an en route dressing table for that last minute makeover–or ‘make sure’ that you haven’t got this seasons ‘Raspberry Revelations’ caked across your teeth, or that the back of your head doesn’t resemble a duck’s bottom.

Indeed, the simple hall table can be both beautiful and useful. You might even be surprised at the options available for the very smallest of entryways.

Hallway Mirrors

When choosing a mirror to complete your hallway has-it-all, choose a generous sized piece that will bounce oodles of light and trick the eye into believing the space above your welcome mat is bigger than it’s actual proportions, and to shoehorn a blast of glamour into the narrow nook.

To hide all of life’s essential litter, the best hallway console tables have concealed storage; a couple of drawers to keep essentials close at hand, or basket nooks to hold out-the-door accessories such as scarves and gloves.


Flush Fitting Console Table

If you have a particularly skinny hallway, and lets face it most of us do, console tables can be found missing their back feet, allowing them to be mounted flush against the wall.

The two legged option means that the thickness of your skirting board can be subtracted from the finished placement, which saves precious inches, and the arrangement also means your car keys can’t go scooting down the back.

Another option for an especially tiny hall is to install a shallow shelf as your surface, you can still stock all of your daily stuff, and with the introduction of the aforementioned impressive mirror you can create huge impact despite dinky dimensions.


Hallway Decor Ideas

As an alternative to a vanity mirror, a collection of prints or framed family snaps create an ideal focal point above a hallway console. Or, try zoning the space with a couple of strips of feature wallpaper, and situate twin lamps at either end of your hall table for instant impact and grandeur.

Don’t let the hectic daily grind wear you down, console yourself with a handy hallway table!

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