Built-in Benches of Beauty

Via Naver

In the run up to summer, we begin daydreaming about making-over our outdoor spaces, to create a place that is both beautiful and functional, where we can soak up the sunny days, and throw back a cocktail or three with friends long into the balmy evenings.

Via Naver

For a fully manicured look, a contemporary courtyard inspired by Zen-like Japanese gardening, and tropical climes, can provide a perfect summertime solution of palm plants raised up in neat pebbled beds, and flanked by understated water features; lots of these designs have integrated benches that skim the crisp concrete boundaries, or cut the landscape in sweeping curves…

Many of us will have fought through the battle that is the deckchair extraction, from an overcrowded shed or outhouse, and by the time we emerge from the cobweb curtained black hole with a bleeding shin and fizzing bumped head, the sun has disappeared behind a cloud and the cheerful bird song begins to sound rather mocking in our rage! A built-in bench will always be perched and ready for your morning coffee, or an after work chill out session– without the drama of the chair-grappling shed.

Via Naver

Build architectural interest in your outdoor space with the installation of zigzagging flowerbeds that will form the back support of parallel seating. A bench like this creates small pockets of intimacy for conversation, whilst still remaining open faced and included in the rest of the festivities.

A well thought out arrangement can form a stylish vignette at the end of a long garden, make use of an otherwise unused corner, or act as a connecting element between zones or planters. If you already own chunky walled beds that friends plant themselves on when your garden dining set overcrowds, consider cladding the cold concrete with a patch of warm decking, your guests’ bottoms will thank you for it!

We’d love to see your own built-in benches! Send a pic via our Submission Form.

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