Back to Nature Bathrooms

In this million miles a minute world, our bathrooms have evolved into one of our primary relaxation zones, it’s the one room in the house where we get to literally lock the world (and our family members) outside, for a strictly do not disturb timeframe.

So lets take a minute and get back to nature, flush away the fussy finishes, drain the kids’ toys from the tub and nurture a place of clean greens, warm woods, smooth pebbles with chic slate, and you. Just you.

To help you on your way to achieving a back-to-nature bathing experience, here’s a collection of tranquil, nature inspired spaces. From simple solutions of leaf motif tiles and widely available wall murals, to growing bath mats that are kept alive by the moisture from wet feet, and actual living, breathing green walls.

Moss Wall MOSStile

Via Dornob

living plant wall MOSStile

Via Dornob

Commercial application of wall growing greenery is becoming more widely seen, whilst residential interior options are still in the early stages. MOSStiles, by Benetti Stone Philosophy, are less like the common houseplant and far more like modern art or extraordinarily flocked wallpaper. With no need of direct sunlight, and sustained by simple humidity, the stabilised lichen are super easy to maintain. Soft, mossy walls can even be useful, a decent sized display can act as a noise dampener between living spaces… now that really would keep family fracas at bay!

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Moss bath mat

The moisture from wet feet keeps the moss mat alive

Moss mat

Via Dornob

aquarium sink italbrass

Aquarium basin

Nature inspired bathroom

Via Dornob

leaf print green vanity unit

Via Kagozi


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  • A Back to Nature Bathroom is certainly not for everyone, but as I’m not an outdoorsy kind of girl I quite like the idea of bringing a bit of green into my cosy central heated home! Though you have to hope there is a good filtration system in the aquarium basin, wouldn’t feel too clean washing my face over fish poop! 😉

  • How come when my bathmat grows nasty fungus I’m told to throw it out, next time I’ll tell em it’s a “moss mat” and I’m being green. These bathrooms would make me think ants are gonna crawl out of the trees. I will admit the aquarium basin intrigues me but also stresses me out. What if one dies and you can get him, like he’s by the curve of the bowl and commits fish suicide and you can’t get him out. The Architects for life one was my favorite and as I looked at the Bizkitfan one all I could think of was Audrey II reaching for Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors.
    Maybe Nature just isn’t my thing! J