Unisex Décor for Kids Rooms: When Pink or Blue Won’t Do!

As a family grows, children’s bedrooms often become shared spaces; so what happens when one little darling is into Barbie pink and lilac blossom whilst the other is fighting for Action Man green and battleship blue? Parents come out waving a white flag, and a white paintbrush over everything, and nobody has any fun. However, middle ground can be conquered, so to ease the sibling rivalry, here are some suggestions for stylish unisex décor schemes to keep the peace!

Of course there is nothing wrong with a white backdrop so long as the room is given punch in other ways, like a crashing contrast of bold black, it may not be the obvious choice for child’s room but think overscaled blackboards and test screen pattern rugs.

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Neither pink nor blue need be ruled out altogether either, the key is to be careful with your choice of shade, and the quantity in which the hue is distributed. Think aqua and sky blues to please either gender, and lift against other brights like orange and red; you can disguise a sneaky splash of pink amongst other strong colours too, or by muting it with larger swathes of solid neutrals such as greys or chocolate.

Pattern is a great way to introduce lots of different colours to a scheme, funky stripes and spots are an energised winner, whilst clouds and stars create a dreamy atmosphere. Even florals can be approached when keeping the print busy and edging on the geometric, or consider the introduction of other nature elements within the room that will dilute the print into a theme. The great outdoors is a place for the adventures of girls and boys alike, so animal pictures and a magical tree mural will please everyone, or use quick fix vinyl wall decals if you are not feeling very Beatrix Potter!

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