Tiling for the Modern Bathroom

An increasing amount of modern contemporary homes are seeking a bathroom décor which co-ordinates with the style of the rest of the property. As one of the most used rooms in the house, the bathroom should ideally be maintained in good condition from floor to ceiling. From the paint on the walls through to the type of flooring, every aspect should be taken into account to ensure durability and hygiene.

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Why Choose Tiling?

Although there is a great number of options available when it comes to bathroom flooring such as vinyl, rubber and even carpet, tiling continues to be the most popular choice due to its versatility, strength and undeniable style. The flooring in areas prone to moisture such as the bathroom and kitchen need a waterproof surface to protect floorboards and internal structures from potential damage from damp conditions.

Not only do tiles give your bathroom a more resilient surface, they also add a fresh high quality finish to any bathroom space. With such a wide variety of materials, finishes, shapes and sizes available, the world of tiling really is your oyster.

Types of Tiling

Once you’ve decided that tiles are right for your bathroom, it’s time to start narrowing down the selection of tiling that is available to you. The choice you make will strongly depend on a number of factors including budget, personal preference and room requirements.

Here’s a quick break down on the top types of tiling that should definitely be given a thought when making your selection:


Well known for their impressive durability and low maintenance, choose from a huge range of colours and effects of porcelain tiles. Their natural properties combined with impressive durability definitely make them a popular choice in bathrooms, especially with their immaculate, gleaming finish and attractive nature.


These tiles possess the same high quality and stunning finish as porcelain and are well known to add a unique character to any room they’re installed in. Available to suit virtually any budget, ceramic tiles are an increasingly popular choice for the everyday modern bathroom.


Many home owners opt for travertine tiles for a more luxurious finish in their bathroom as they add true style and class, whilst their organic, natural finish makes each and every set completely unique. Adding a truly timeless, elegant appearance to any bathroom, these tiles are certainly a popular option for those looking to add the pinnacle of luxury to their rest room.

Regardless of the type of tile that you choose, always make sure they are installed correctly to avoid mishaps and potentially expensive repercussions. Tiling should also be cared for and maintained to ensure it remains in the same high quality of that when it is installed.

What flooring do you prefer in your bathroom?

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