The Coolest Internet Connected Door Locks from CES

CES Show 2015

Smart homes are closer than you may think. With dozens of vendors showing off cool new products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year, many products designed to help homeowners keep their home more secure were on display.

Z-Wave Technology was the talk of the convention this year. Z-Wave is a type of communication technology that in-home devices can use to communicate with each other. Things like doors, locks, thermometers, and kitchen appliances can all communicate with Z-Wave technology to make a home more efficient. While Z-Wave is nothing new, this year’s CES saw an influx of home-security devices using the technology. The best part? Because the communication has been set, installing home-automation devices no longer means picking from a single vendor.

Schlage Sense

One of the coolest door locks at the expo this year was from Schlage. Their new keyless lock can be opened using a homeowner’s smartphone or tablet. Using Siri voice commands and voice recognition, or a complex number combination, no keys are required to wirelessly unlock the door that communicates via Z-Wave. Schlage also boasts a “one time purchase” system where customers can purchase their keyless lock without having to pay monthly for monitoring. The application to remotely unlock the door is always free in the app store and will remain free over the lifetime of the lock.


Unsure of where the market will go, Okidokeys debuted a series of keyless locks that allow entry from a series of wearable or wireless devices. Small bracelets and key fobs that can be attached to keychains all provide the same function. Okidokeys made an impressive display at CES in hopes of seeing which option consumers like best.

Cheaper Alternative Locks

Just as impressive as the 14 keyless locks shown at CES this year, utilising Z-Wave or BLE technology, were the price points of many of these products. While home automation used to be prohibitively expensive, some retailers like MonoPrice have begun shipping keyless locks for about 70GBP, a big drop in price from years ago.

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