Submission Tips

How to create a ZIP file (allows multiple image upload). Max file size 3MB:

Quick photography tips:

  • Ensure photos are well lit so we can appreciate your colour scheme
  • Snap every possible angle, squeeze yourself back into each corner of a room, or if you have a fancy wide-angle lens (not fish-eye) for fitting it all in, great!
  • Try a few close ups on special areas of a room, like a cluster of artwork, table arrangement, interesting architectural features, or the detail on a beautiful chair
  • Blurred images make us seasick so please try to keep steady
  • It’s nice to see homeowners & pets in one or two shots, but try to avoid the family snaps look, i.e. chase the kids or your roommate off the sofa!

Share your story!:

  1. Name: First names will do, if preferred
  2. Age: Optional!
  3. Occupation: Other readers love to know what type of people own great homes!
  4. Location: Country and city
  5. Building info Property type, year built, if you were involved in the build or renovation, name of architect if applicable, and roughly when purchased
  6. Interior info: Your initial design idea and how your home evolved
  7. Any other info: Facts you deem important, interesting, or just plain fun!

Above all, just show us your home rocks! Back to Submission Form.


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