Submission Tips

How to create a ZIP file (allows multiple image upload). Max file size 3MB:

Quick photography tips:

  • Ensure photos are well lit
  • Snap different angles
  • Zoom in on special areas of a room, like a cluster of artwork or architectural features
  • Blurred images make us dizzy!
  • It’s ok to see homeowners & pets in a couple of shots, but make your home the star

Share your story! Suggestions:

  1. Name: First names will do, if preferred
  2. Age: Optional!
  3. Occupation: Readers love to know what type of people own great homes!
  4. Location: Country/city
  5. Building info Property type, year built, roughly when purchased
  6. Interior info: Your initial home style vision and how your home evolved
  7. Any other info: Facts you deem important, interesting, or just plain fun!

Above all, just show us your home rocks! Back to Submission Form.