Repurposed Pallet Furniture

The possibilities are endless when it comes to reusing wooden pallets, my favourite ideas are those that don’t require an awful lot of intervention and retain the fresh-off-the-wagon perfect pallet aesthetic, BUT PLEASE NOTE: Following the widespread trend of pallet upcycling, health concerns have been raised. There is an informative article over at apartment therapy that covers this in more detail, be sure to give it a read before bringing just any pallet into your home!

As I mentioned in DIY Headboard Ideas, used wooden pallets can occasionally be picked up for free, so this is a great way to be green by saving waste–and money–in style, if you can ensure the palettes are safe for use.

With that health warning out of the way, let us still admire some wonderful examples of upcycling. Not everyone has the tools or carpentry know-how to reassemble a dismantled crate into a clever new deckchair, or to wire up a nouveau utilitarian light fixture, so this collection of repurposed pallet furniture embraces supreme simplicity, requiring modest additions and minimal hacking!


My favourite use for a pallet is the classic coffee table; you could set a pallet straight on your floor and it would already look the part, but to avoid those pesky splinters give it a good sanding. If you’re lucky enough to find en vogue industrial stamping across the planks, let the origin sing by sealing the wood with clear matt varnish, or you could make an individual style statement by painting on a cool design of your own.

Via Perma Culture Global

It’s also a great idea to add castors to the base of your table to allow it to be moved easily without scratching the floor, and you could ask a glazier to cut a piece of reinforced glass for the top so that coffee slops don’t ruin your finish, it will also protect any books or magazines you might store on the lower shelf. Tables like these retail between £200-£400 ready-made, so it’s well worth the effort.

Via Reclaimed Wreckage

Pallets also make great Contemporary Platform Beds, with the advantage of under bed storage nooks for your collection of bedtime novels, which is why they would also make great Reading Nooks, ottomans, and even kitchen islands. The versatility of these unlikely heroes is great, so whatever your requirement, or style, there is a pallet for your taste palate!

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