Refresh Your Bedroom Decor (on a budget!)

Sometimes the desire to redecorate just strikes you out of nowhere. All of a sudden, the niggles start piling up: the walls are the wrong colour, nothing is in the right place, you stub your toe on the dresser for the millionth time, everything is boring. Unless your tastes have changed dramatically since the last décor project, there’s no need to start the redecoration project from scratch. Chances are there’s no need for major renovations or a whole new Ikea catalogue’s worth of purchases. These five quick tips are perfect for a quick, budget friendly project.

1. New Headboard

This is the perfect starting point for the room renovation. The perfect thing about a new headboard is the fact that you can let it become the focal point of the room. Match it to your furniture or the colour scheme of the room, as seen in the image on the right, or even DIY a new headboard on the cheap by following an online tutorial.

2. Fresh Coat of Paint

Remember when it was all the rage to have bright pink walls with black and white accents? Consider yourself lucky if you don’t, but if you’re still one of the unlucky owners of said paint job… the perfect way to give your room a breath of fresh air is to do away with that colour! The black and white accents would work perfectly for a monochromatic look, so head out to your local home improvement store for a can of primer and a bucket of either white or light grey paint, and go to town! Or, if you’re feeling daring, the half-painted wall trend is a must try.

3. Upcycle Your Furniture

There are a ton of great DIY tutorials for getting the most life out of your tired furniture. From a fresh coat of paint, to decoupage, to washi tape overload, there is sure to be an easy way for you to revitalise that old dresser. If you already have a collection of Ikea furniture, then the Ikea Hackers website is a really great place to start your DIY makeover journey.

4. Get Your Gallery Wall On

Gallery walls are pretty much all the rage lately. They instantly bring some originality to any wall, while allowing you to display a myriad of art styles. Sites like Society 6 are user-submitted, so you can guarantee that you’ll get original artwork, from pop-culture to comic books and everything in between. Look out for their free-shipping promotions (available internationally) and discounts to get more for your budget. Combine some fun art with family photos and your kids’ paintings and you’re in business.

5. Accessorise!

Maybe you’re under the rule of a rented property or just totally happy with your paint choices, and you have no interest in DIYing a thing. That’s why you’re covered with this last tip: accessorise! Get to your nearest home discount store or any grocery store that has a ‘home’ department–keeping the realistic budget firmly in mind–and go nuts. For a rather modest amount of cash you can probably pick up a new mirror for your vanity or a fresh duvet set, or perhaps even both. Introducing just one statement item (or a couple of them) can totally revitalise a room.

Any other tips for getting some new life out of your bedroom, on the cheap?

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