16 Feb

Top 3 Essential Entertainment Accessories for Your Home

Nowadays, having just a regular TV with a standard remote simply doesn’t cut the mustard. With only the minimum of necessities, how can you really experience the true magnificence of picture, sound, and convenience all wrapped in

3 Feb

5 Best Tech Practices for a Modern Home

Although comfortable pieces of furniture and decorative fixtures and fittings, are sure to be a priority in the majority of households up and down the country, there is almost always room for some technology. These days, modern
26 Jan

Contractors: Should You Hire One or Become Your Own?

It’s no secret that a DIY project can be a lot of work. Whether you want to renovate a room, restyle your house, or tackle a different task, there is a lot of planning and attention to

23 Jan

Uncommon Uses for Your Rice Cooker

Rice cookers are probably the most versatile of kitchen appliances and you’re missing out if you’re using this device solely for its original purpose. A little experimentation could mean easily produced rice pots full of piping hot
17 Jan

The Coolest Internet Connected Door Locks from CES

Smart homes are closer than you may think. With dozens of vendors showing off cool new products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year, many products designed to help homeowners keep their home more secure were