4 Sep

Moving House is Seriously Stressful, But Here’s a Few Pro Tips to Make it Easier

It’s never easy to move house. You need to uproot yourself from someplace familiar and then settle down again someplace new in a short period of time. Moves are often accompanied by other disruptions, like changes in

31 Aug

Simplify to Run Smoothly: Home Organisation

There are many areas of the home that can be decluttered and reorganised into helping life run more smoothly, even in a seemingly tidy home. Before I overhauled my home recently, it looked clutter-free to visitors; I
24 Aug

Declutter Bug: The Awakening!

A couple of months ago we moved our little boy’s bed into his own room, and the instant I saw our bedroom returned to its originally designed state (after 2 and a half years of a co-sleeping

17 Aug

Designer Insights with Emma McLaughlan

I was recently invited to be interviewed for a lovely feature, entitled Designer Insights, on the Terry’s Fabrics website. The interview also includes my home style top choices for this season, so I thought it would be
23 Jun

Three Tips to Creating the Ultimate Man Cave

Tired of having to share the big screen on game nights? Looking for an oasis that you can retreat to from time to time and just let loose? Why not consider investing a little money and energy