My Home Rockstars: Anne Sowerby (Home Staging)

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Home StagerProfile:

Anne Sowerby, Home Staging Professional
Sassy Property Styling.

Today we are happy to have Anne Sowerby joining us, owner of Sassy Property Styling, based in beautiful Cumbria in the UK. As an approved ‘House Doctor®’, Anne is a home staging professional who is simply passionate about helping her clients create an image of a dream home by implementing her keen eye for colour and detail.

Anne aims to help her clients achieve a better asking price for their property, as well as acquire a buyer for their home in the shortest possible amount of time. Other talents of the ‘Sassy’ lady lie in interior design, project management services and commercial solutions.

Home Staging, Quick Q&A…

Q) MHR: What first attracted you to the home staging industry?

A) Anne Sowerby: I always had a dream to be an interior designer but being dyslexic I faced some challenges during my early education. I ended up leaving school and working for the family business. However, 27 years later I had gained a lot of qualifications and was director of a coop company offering business advice. Life works in very mysterious ways and at that point I suffered a serious accident. After experiencing this life changing event I decided that I really wanted to follow my dream.

I did some research and I started to train under Anne Maurice, who many viewers of UK television will remember as the original Channel 5 ‘House Doctor®’. I became a qualified house staging style support, staging to sell and interior design. With my brand new qualification under my belt, and my experience in offering business advice, I finally embarked upon my dream; I set up my own home style business, Sassy Property Styling.

Q) MHR: What is your design process when starting a new home staging project?

A) Anne Sowerby: On first meeting a brand new client, or beginning a new project with a repeat client, I usually conduct a verbal consultation with the property owner. The briefing meeting usually lasts two and a half hours. This is where we talk about what can be achieved for the property in question, in the realms of design. We look at how to get the best results possible within the limitations of the property itself and within the client’s budget constraints. After the initial meeting, the client has a few options in how the project should go ahead:

  1. The property owner may choose to complete the work themselves/use their own team.
  2. The project could be completed using a mixture of both my support and conducting some of the work for themselves.
  3. They can request that I do a full service, from design and project management to bringing in all staging items and taking the entire project to completion.

Q) MHR: Which room of the home do you most enjoy staging, and why?

A) Anne Sowerby: What I love about my job as a home stager is the fact that all of the properties that I work on are so very different from one another. As a result of the variation in home design/architecture, I get to work on lots of different styles of lovely rooms, so the work is always interesting whatever the subject matter.

Overall though, it has probably got to be lounges and open plan living spaces that I think make the best projects. Living rooms are so often not lived in quite as well as they could be. Home staging really can boost this type of space to it’s maximum potential. Once all of the changes have been put in place, big and small, the wow factor in this sort of room is so clear and rewarding.

Q) MHR: You stage a home to appeal to a broad spectrum of people, but what is your own personal favourite design style?

A) Anne Sowerby: Yes it is difficult to have my own design style within the business, as I must go for what suits a homeowner’s property and style/lifestyle. I always want my clients to feel happy with the end results so it’s important to do what works well for them too. From a personal perspective though, I do prefer (and do use) a lot of contemporary style. I like to edge more toward a slightly sleek look with a crisp modern finish.

MHR: Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions on home staging Anne!

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