My Home Rocks Tours: The Howarth’s DIY Driftwood Fence

This My Home Rocks Tour comes to us courtesy of the Howarth family in Fulwell, where Lindsey, Mark and daughters Eve and Lily are enjoying their whimsical driftwood feature fence.

So how did this beautiful creation come to life?


Driftwood feature fence

Beach Treasure

The family walk their dog, Travis, on the beach everyday, and after a number of storms found that the sand was completely littered in a hazardous deluge of driftwood pieces that were about to be hauled off as rubbish. Lindsey saw an opportunity to save on the creation of landfill and instead create something beautiful.

“I started thinking about how I could use it. Originally I’d considered using the pieces horizontally like a rail around the decking, but then I decided it looked better when there was a lot of it grouped together, just like it appeared piled on the beach.”

After deciding on a plan for the timely salvaged pieces, the work began: “There is a gap between our decking and our perimeter fence, so the driftwood is literally just pushed down the gap and jammed together to make it solid.”

So were there any project pitfalls? Lindsey reflects: “It took quite a bit of rearranging until I was pleased with it, as I liked the interesting bendy and twisted pieces best; it was a bit of a puzzle fitting them all together and finding the perfect piece to fill a space!”

A big thank you to the Howarth family for sharing their reclaimed driftwood fence with us here on My Home Rocks Tours!

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This was a fantastic save of natural resources that were destined for the dump, but remember to check out local regulations before removing items as some beaches have restrictions in place.

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