How to Fit and Install a New Shower Enclosure

When you opt to buy a new shower you have a lot to consider. But one of the most important tasks once you’ve had it fitted, is to then install the enclosure. While we understand it can seem like an overwhelming task, it doesn’t have to be too complicated as long as you have the right tools and make the correct preparations. But it also helps to have a handy guide to steer you in the right direction.

Here is a list of all the basic factors you will need to consider to get your shower enclosure installed and ready for use.

Set Up

After your shower installation is complete, typically set up in the corner of your bathroom, you can start to set up your enclosure. There are a lot of designs to choose from, so pick which best fits in with your bathroom. With many handy tools online to help you choose, it makes the task of finding the right one a lot simpler.

The following process should take you about a day to complete. Start off by placing the first wall panel of the shower enclosure against your wall, 10mm in from the front edge of your shower tray. After using a spirit level to ensure it is vertical, mark out your drill holes on the wall using a pencil so that any mistakes are easily erased.

Before you get started, please be sure to wear good eye protection and do ensure that you are about to use a suitable drill bit for your wall material. We also recommend that you follow manufacturer’s instructions very closely. To start, drill all of the wall holes, and follow up by tapping in wall plugs.

Slide the long edge of your fixed glass panel into the slot of the wall profile, it’s highly recommended to have an extra pair of hands on standby to help you with this. From the inside of the enclosure, drill to secure the glass panel safely to the profile before setting in the metal screw caps. Make doubly sure that the first installation is secure before continuing to the next.

Adding the Second Panel

Press the open end of the second panel’s corner piece onto the edge of your first panel, then press the strip of flexible, transparent seal firmly into place all the way up to the very top. Secure the fixing bracket and then screw it in.

Fitting the Bracing Bar

Screw a fixing bracket onto the end of the wall bracing bar. Pop this into position on top of the fixed glass panel and slide the bracing bar along until its end touches the wall. Then slide the bracing bar into the wall bracket and lower the fixing bracket onto the top of the fixed glass panel.

Installing the Second Wall Profile and the Side Fixed Glass Panel

Repeat the relevant processes in order to fix the second and final wall profile to the wall and secure the side fixed glass panel in place. If it’s not already fixed in place, then attach the shower door handle.

A visual guide is always better to follow for tricky DIY tasks like this, try YouTube for some helpful how-to videos on shower enclosure installation.

Then your shower is ready for finishing touches like soap trays, accessibility handles and even a rubber ducky or two!

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