Pop Topic: Futuristic Bathrooms with Freestanding Baths

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Whether we like it or not, trends are continuing to change in regards to bathroom decors. Sadly the days of L-Shaped corner baths are long gone, as an increasing amount of home owners instead look to create a sense of luxury rather than an overly spacious area. This is understandable when we think of the fast paced modern lifestyle, and the need to create a peaceful, relaxing space, right in the comfort of our own homes.

So as more home owners instead opt to include a freestanding model of bathtub rather than the various space saving versions, we take a look at what makes free standing baths such a hit in the modern bathroom, and how one can be chosen to fit in with virtually and décor style.

Contemporary Design

Despite freestanding baths often making appearances in more traditional bathrooms, the latest designs show a clear lean toward much more contemporary, chic designs. The combination of sleek curves and angular edges ensures that there is the perfect model of free standing bath to suit every preference and décor.

Such striking designs automatically makes these models the centrepiece of any rest room they are placed in, so should you wish to sell your home in the near future, one of these baths will no doubt add desirability and increase value.


Great deals of baths make use of central tap holes or even none at all. This means that the days of lying awkwardly across sharply angled taps, whilst sharing a relaxing moment with a partner a thing of the past. Two evenly sloped bath ends offer a great deal of both comfort and style, whilst also offering a more spacious bathing experience for ultimate relaxation.

Bold Bath Designs

The combination of striking angles and beautifully crafted curves are not the only aspect that makes freestanding baths stand out from the vast range available. Floor standing taps are also commonly used to add yet more bold style, creating the ultimate, chic, modern bathroom to be enjoyed time and time again.

Of course taps come in a truly vast range of shapes and sizes, so therefore they too can influence the style you wish to create. Ensure you choose taps that co-ordinate with your new bath, as this will create a feeling of co-ordination and continuity.

A combination of an extensive variety of luxury designs and sublime accessibility and comfort definitely make freestanding baths an important addition to any modern bathroom, so before you jump the gun and purchase the first model you find, don’t be afraid to scour the market for something more stylish.

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