Fabulous Interior Design Trends For The Summer

Summer is the ideal time to revamp your interior and create that new refreshing look in your home. Whether you’re bored of the same old story, or you simply want to add a few stylish touches to get your home on trend – the summer is the perfect time for an update!

This summer, replicate some of the key trends with a few quick fixes – meaning you won’t have to go out and spend an arm and a leg to make a noticeable change. Themes are centred around creating a sociable environment for you and the whole family to enjoy, looking at transforming living rooms into tranquil places and bathrooms into spa-like spaces. With the sunny rays, expect to see coastal elements drift into the home in the form of natural fabrics and nautical accents. Look out for the introduction of bringing in the outdoors by making the most of organic light and green foliage. They’re all quick additions with a high hard hitting impact, so follow the below tips to get your looking fabulously on trend for the summer.

Bring Outside, Inside

Natural light, outdoor accents and greenery are all at the centre of this summery trend. A new trend that is proving very popular, people are bringing elements of outside, inside in order to counteract gardenless homes, or even if you just like to be surrounded by the great outdoors. When it comes to your window treatments, ditch the wintery heavy old for new lighter, billowy materials to utilize the sun to best effect. Add a few potted plants (fake or real) around the place for that splash of green and consider bringing in those outdoor rattan furniture suites for that relaxing exterior feel.

The Spa Space

Reinvent your bathroom into a heavenly space to pamper yourself in. Get away from that typical, utilitarian bathroom and get inventive with the room. Clear away the clutter and introduce some furniture that is more likely to be seen in a reception room or lounge. Add a delicate side table and chair to create a place to sit if you have the space. A chaise lounge is a luxurious addition if you’re looking to create the ultimate spa-like retreat, then all you’ll need to add is some fluffy white towels and some freshly cut flowers to complete the look. Say goodbye to the days of squeezing in front of the wardrobe mirror and toweling down in the bedroom, instead try creating a bathroom space that meets all your spa-like needs in one room.

Hints of Colour

Sticking to a tame colour palette is a thing of the past this summer. Unusual and standout colour combinations are here with a bang. Accent colours are a great way of capturing the essence of summer and it’s so simple (and cheap) to do. One new introduction can make a huge impact so whether it’s a bright yellow cushion, a warm orange vase or a cool blue chair, a single change can give the room a new lease of life and prevent you from having to redecorate fully. A clever way to achieve this is to start with a focal piece – say an intriguing bright clock – then work your pieces around it, matching colours for a bold and contrasting appearance.

Go Eclectic to Elevate Your Kitchen

Mixing materials and styles is encouraged this year in the kitchen to create an eclectic vibe. Move away from the prim and proper sleek and sophisticated look and opt for personalised vintage elements to create your own unique statement. Rustic wooden floors, vintage rugs, shiny marble worktops and subway tiles placed alongside matte accents and quirky components. Get away from the retro pastel shades of the past and create a homely, vibrant and interesting place to dine and delight in.

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