Contemporary Eclectic Living Rooms

Of the many different interior design styles I enjoy, I have to admit that a contemporary eclectic space often makes my eyes pop more than any other, I just love the no-rules rule!

Anything goes in a space like this. Imagine starting with a modern clean lined sofa that would look perfectly at home in a stark minimalist apartment, then you fall in love with a curvy framed neoclassical chair. In a contemporary eclectic scheme the two can live together in complete harmony. Now throw in a quirky coffee table on top of a colourful rug. Add in a couple of attention grabbing lamps, a few chunky picture frames and an ornate mirror and you’re really cooking.

black brown eclectic living room

Via Eclectic Revisited

A contemporary eclectic room always looks like such a fun and interesting place to hang out. The area is often peppered with stacks of books and interesting finds. This style is great for collectors because a look like this can take time to evolve. Each one of these contemporary eclectic schemes are a bit like a snowflake in that no two are ever exactly the same.

I have a lot of time for many of our highstreet home brands but there is always a danger when decking your home out with the latest collection; you might walk into someone else’s house with the exact same set, sitting within the same decor shown in that seasons catalogue. Personally I love to rummage around the shops that stock reduced one-off items from collections around the globe (you know the ones I mean), pieces that you most probably would not find, or afford, directly off the original show room floor.

Make your place different by using layering techniques. Use a variety of patterns and don’t be afraid to clash a colour or two in small doses. There is an art to this, it’s not about cluttering every available square inch so that it becomes overwhelming, it’s about considerately combining a palette of much loved items, to paint one beautiful picture.

Unique finds make your home personal to you, and infinite combinations allow you to play with design. Expressing yourself in an ultra chic way is what eclectic style is all about!­

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black lilac eclectic living room

Via Houzz

white taupe eclectic living room

Via Houzz

modern retro eclectic living room

Via Homeklondike

pop art grey eclectic living room

Via Mydeco

grey black eclectic living room

Via Comfortable Home Design


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