Choosing the Perfect Kitchen for Your Home

Looking at these cool contemporary kitchen designs has made me want to start planning my kitchen all over again. I just love the array of new gloss finishes and sleekness of lines, and don’t get me started on the gadgetry available to help organise cupboards and drawers!

Curvy Kitchens

One of my favourites is this outrageously curvaceous collection, where abrupt endings are extinct, and instead arc away into the walls. This style is perfect to smooth off the edges of an open plan kitchen diner, or in a kitchen run that is disconnected by entrance doors, as the undulating start and stops will make the awkward layout into a well-laid plan.

Kitchen Organisation Systems

Okay, I can’t help it, I just have to explore the accessories on hand to help arrange the perfect larder space and even help sort the household waste from the recycling. I must admit, I’m a little OCD when it comes to organisation and so all of these shelf pullouts and drawers-within-drawers really get my brain buzzing on how I could use them to streamline the daily grind. The pull-and-swing wire corner units are magic in making full use of those hard to reach cubbies–and will save your back too.

Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Some particularly swarve kitchens at Homebase have evolved from a perfect combination of German precision engineering with a stylish Italian swagger. Ooh-er…

Coloured glass cabinets, like wall gems, provide a quirky way in which to add a slice of colour right through your cooking space–and look awesome when backlit. There are subtler colour combos too, like an ultra chic grey gloss and smooth taupe-hued wood grain, so unexpected yet so soothing.

Which would you choose?

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