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07 Jan


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Four Exotic Pool Designs

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From: Bio: Patricia Hogenes While Patricia Hogenes works part time as an apartment leasing agent, her real loves are her 3 kids, and having fun at the family pool. She currently writes for For the pool owner who just wants function, a rectangular pool design works just fine; but for those who want a pool that adds a picturesque element to their back yard,….. Read more »

18 Dec


The Jackpot City Birdhouse for the Home

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Birdhouse Casino

Provided by Thomas Shannon Having a birdhouse casino installed in your garden isn’t necessarily going to bring you luck the next time you visit your local casino, but you never know and certainly it isn’t going to do your luck any harm. What it will bring you though is the sound of birdsong while doing your bit for the preservation of our feathered friends. Birdhouses….. Read more »

05 Dec


A Conservatory for Christmas

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Conservatory in winter snow

If you’re thinking of a home improvement project in the form of a conservatory, you may be thinking about starting it in the New Year. After all, what could be worse than more hassle this time of year? You’ve already got the dread of ‘is the turkey cooked enough?’ and ‘what if the mother-in-law doesn’t like her gift?’ However, with the right conservatory supplier, you….. Read more »

09 May

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Garden Rooms & Outdoor Offices

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Via Mocoloco

No matter how much space we start off with in our homes, we always seem to need more! From small-scale storage solutions to full-on home extensions, everyone is striving to create even a smidgen of extra room for the added requirements of modern life, because with bulky home gyms and file filled home offices, our busy homes are positively popping at the seams.   One….. Read more »