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13 Jan


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Create your Home Office for Under £500

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Via Direct Furniture Suppliers

Writer: From: Chris Balme Direct Furniture Suppliers, Quality Furniture at Affordable Prices The increasing cost of rent is affecting businesses and professional ventures just as much as it is affecting home-seekers. This factor, coupled with ever-improving technology, is making it more attractive than ever for employers to allow their workforce to work partially or entirely from home. Employees may be encouraged to complete all of….. Read more »

09 May

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Garden Rooms & Outdoor Offices

by May 9, 2012 1 Comment

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No matter how much space we start off with in our homes, we always seem to need more! From small-scale storage solutions to full-on home extensions, everyone is striving to create even a smidgen of extra room for the added requirements of modern life, because with bulky home gyms and file filled home offices, our busy homes are positively popping at the seams.   One….. Read more »

14 Feb


Gorgeous Home Offices

by February 14, 2012 2 Comments

Via Jokam Family

In this age of digital communication (look, we’re doing it right now!) many of us enjoy the option of working from home, and those who don’t will often have a second office at their house for weekend assignments, or even just as a place to sort the week-to-week influx of household paperwork. The majority of external workplaces are flat, flavourless spaces that breed carpet tiles….. Read more »