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18 Aug 2014

From Nostalgic Niknacks to Retro Home Accessories

When it comes to nostalgic nicknacks around the home, these lifelong loves can range from the sublime to the ridiculous. I’m not usually one for hanging on to things myself, I’m what you might call a de-clutter
13 Aug 2014

Modern Sofa Beds & Funky Futons

When far-flung family or old friends land for an impromptu overnight stay (oh the joy, that cold creeping kind of joy as you realise several loads of washed clothes still decorate the banisters, radiators and countertops, and
28 Nov 2013

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How to Mix Modern and Vintage

Writer: Bio: Alexandra Maxwell A dedicated internet blogger that loves to write about family relationships, and lifestyle. Alexandra draws on her own experiences to offer advice to others online. Vintage has slightly changed its meaning. Once it
4 Nov 2013

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Eco-friendly Accessories for Your Home

Writer: Bio: Helen Black Forever updating and decorating her home, Helen Black has a passion for interior design and one day hopes to turn her hobby into a career. Just because it’s recycled doesn’t mean your home’s
9 Apr 2013

Spring into Spring!

This time of year is perfect for giving your house a spring clean and thoroughly sprucing up the heart of your home – the kitchen and dining room. Giving your kitchen and dining room a fresh feeling