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28 Nov


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How to Mix Modern and Vintage

by November 28, 2013 0 Comments

Blue Flower Bottle Vase

Writer: Bio: Alexandra Maxwell A dedicated internet blogger that loves to write about family relationships, and lifestyle. Alexandra draws on her own experiences to offer advice to others online. Vintage has slightly changed its meaning. Once it meant anything old that was getting a re-branding by being called – pre-loved. Now the term ‘vintage’ has come to mean a mix of styles, still utilising old….. Read more »

04 Nov

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Eco-friendly Accessories for Your Home

by November 4, 2013 1 Comment

Via Traidcraft

Writer: Bio: Helen Black Forever updating and decorating her home, Helen Black has a passion for interior design and one day hopes to turn her hobby into a career. Just because it’s recycled doesn’t mean your home’s accessories will be lacking in svelte design and chic glamour. In this day and age, swapping just a few decorations for eco-friendly alternatives goes a long way to….. Read more »

09 Apr

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Spring into Spring!

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This time of year is perfect for giving your house a spring clean and thoroughly sprucing up the heart of your home – the kitchen and dining room. Giving your kitchen and dining room a fresh feeling needn’t mean a huge and pricey overhaul and instead you can add décor and accessories to deliver instant Spring energy. Here are our top tips: Say it with….. Read more »

28 Mar


Repurposed Pallet Furniture

by March 28, 2012 9 Comments

Via Homedit

The possibilities are endless when it comes to reusing wooden pallets, my favourite ideas are those that don’t require an awful lot of intervention and retain the fresh-off-the-wagon perfect pallet aesthetic, BUT PLEASE NOTE: Following the widespread trend of pallet upcycling, health concerns have been raised. There is an informative article over at apartment therapy that covers this in more detail, be sure to give….. Read more »

28 Feb


Wild and Whimsical Rugs

by February 28, 2012 3 Comments

From We Are Dorothy

There are a plethora of great rugs out there to suit any style of room, but if you like to push the boundaries, kick off your shoes and have a wander over this little lot. Many of you may have admired the British made Stamp Rugs embossed with Her Majesty’s head, and if the blown up proportions of this icon tickle your fancy then you….. Read more »