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Modern Sofa Beds & Funky Futons

When far-flung family or old friends land for an impromptu overnight stay (oh the joy, that cold creeping kind of joy as you realise several loads of washed clothes still decorate the...

Blue Flower Bottle Vase

How to Mix Modern and Vintage

Vintage has slightly changed its meaning. Once it meant anything old that was getting a re-branding by being called – pre-loved. Now the term ‘vintage’ has come to mean a mix of...


Spring into Spring!

This time of year is perfect for giving your house a spring clean and thoroughly sprucing up the heart of your home – the kitchen and dining room. Giving your kitchen and dining room a...

Pallone Kids Football Themed Faux Leather Bed

The Benefits of Faux Leather Bed Frames

Leather look beds are quickly becoming cheaper for many furniture shoppers to invest in thanks to the far more pocket friendly–and animal friendly–faux leather options on the market...

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Repurposed Pallet Furniture

The possibilities are endless when it comes to reusing wooden pallets, my favourite ideas are those that don’t require an awful lot of intervention and retain the fresh-off-the-wagon...