Boys Bedroom Ideas for Toddlers & Infants

If you have a little boy, or a little tomboy, stampeding around your home, you may be grasping for inspiration on how to update their battered nursery into a more toddler suited place. Your baby has outgrown their cot and have lost interest in their delicate baby mobile. Now they spend their days dropping a trail of Lego Duplo for you to stand on in bare feet – causing the kind of foot trauma that only an upturned plug can beat.

When you move your little one over to a toddler bed or venture into a single bed, you begin noticing a few other aspects of their spaces that just don’t quite fit anymore. Right now, your child is not calling all the shots on their room (no slamming doors behind them just yet) but they’re not a gurgling helpless little bundle anymore either. Their spaces can stand to take on a little more of their bright and bold budding personality.

When moving away from lovingly selected nursery decor, it can be hard to decide in which direction to take kids’ bedroom schemes. Looking through boy’s bedroom ideas can be migraine inducing, with the onslaught of clashing primary colours and cartoon character clutter. Let’s drop a dose of style into the mix and feel it fizz away the pain…

Striped Walls

Ever-popular blue based bedroom decor for boys can receive a modern boost by introducing broad wall stripes. The blue and white stripes pictured here have a fun and fresh look that should continue to please for a fair few years to come. Natural decor accessories, furniture and flooring will help tone down the highly manufactured plastic look associated kids stuff, and instead evoke a cool eclectic edge.

Different Shades

Solid blue decor can sometimes make a bedroom appear dark or cold, but if stripes just aren’t on your agenda then you can brighten and add interest to your child’s room by using different shades of blue on adjacent walls. Playing with different tones of the same paint colour will also visually open out the dimensions of the space. The same can be achieved by leaving a couple of walls plain white to contrast.

Contrasting Accessories

You can make your child’s new bedroom scheme look extra fresh by choosing a white painted bed and bedroom furniture, or flip the script and leave the entire room white but paint the bed and wardrobes in your child’s favourite colour. You can also create effective colour contrast with smaller accessories like a quirky lamp, kids’ wall art, bed throws and scatter cushions. Yellow accents add a sunny streak to grey backdrops, and punchy orange or cherry red pop against the blue spectrum. If you’re searching for a more relaxing colour scheme you could use apple green and biscuit to create a soothing result against sky blue. Pick up a bunch of free mini brochures by paint brands stocked at your local DIY store, checking out how they’ve grouped their shades on page can be a great source of inspiration.

Via Design Vox

Modern Neutrals

If you would like to mute some of the garishly vivid colours that have become inevitable additions in our kids’ rooms (in the shape of oversized toys that are too big to stow away in cupboards, or favoured superhero bedspreads and the like), try a deep neutral backdrop of charcoal grey or rich chocolate. These darker neutrals bind the fluorescent fairground together and work wonders in reining in the madness!


Never underestimate the importance of storage in childrens’ rooms – or the amount of kids’ storage furniture you might need; those toy collections seem to have a pesky habit of growing. Concealed storage solutions work wonders in keeping your child’s new decor scheme looking fresh. I cannot recommend the IKEA Billy bookcases highly enough (no paid endorsement here, just personal mammy experience). Other than the fact they can house a hefty amount of kids’ books, they’re pretty great for toys too.

We have doors on the row of bookcases in My Little Boy’s Bedroom that can be personalised, as well as being helpful in hiding away toy clutter. However, the bookcases are pretty organised inside anyway thanks to the adjustable height shelves, and the fact that the cupboards are the perfect depth to house many types of pop-up storage crates. The separate crates neatly contain masses of small figures and vehicles, and are relatively inexpensive. When there is a place to put everything then everything can be in its place – in theory. How you enforce that rule is up to you!

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