Boys Bedroom Design Ideas for Toddlers & Infants

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If you have a little boy, or tomboy, stampeding around, you may be grasping for inspiration on how to update their battered nursery into a more toddler suited place.

Looking though children’s bedroom design ideas can be migraine inducing, with the onslaught of clashing primary colours and cartoon character clutter. Let’s drop a dose of style into the mix and feel it fizz away the pain…


Striped Walls

The ever-popular blue based scheme can find a modern boost from broad wall stripes. Natural flooring and furniture will help avoid the plastic look, and instead evoke an eclectic edge.

Different Shades

Solid blue can sometimes make a room appear dark or cold, but if stripes aren’t on the agenda, try using different shades on adjacent walls to brighten and add interest, it will also open out the dimensions of the space.

Contrasting Accessories

You can make the scheme look extra fresh by choosing a white painted bed and furniture, or confine the colour to just one or two accent walls. Add contrasting accessories in zesty orange and cherry red to pop against the blue spectrum, or apple green and biscuit to create a soothing result against sky blue.

Modern Neutrals

If you would like to mute some of the vivid colours that have become inevitable additions in kids’ rooms (through toys, hero bedspreads etc), try a deep neutral backdrop of charcoal grey or rich chocolate to bind the fluorescent fairground together, they work wonders in reining in the madness!

Looking for more inspiration for your child’s bedroom design? Take a peek at Unisex Décor for Kids Rooms: When Pink or Blue Won’t Do! Featuring striking black and white décor, and blasts of contemporary colour!

Or see Rocking Modern Nurseries for your littlest ones, it’s never too early for great interior design!

We’d love to see your boys bedroom ideas too! Why not take a snap of your toddlers / infants room and share it via our easy Submission Form?

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