Benefits of DIY Projects

composite decktilesIf you are looking to sell your house, then doing a cost effective upgrade is almost always recommended. We tend to become complacent with our familiar surroundings, as such we are conditioned to turn a blind eye towards outdated décor within our homes.

Often times we are perfectly happy with our functional home and see no need to sink extra money into updating things like kitchens and bathrooms. However, there comes a time for many people when they want to sell their house and they expect top dollar for it, often forgetting that they haven’t kept pace with the styling of new construction and today’s consumer desires. This is precisely the circumstance when you should consider a thorough update, but only in areas where the return on the money spent makes sense.

Typically if you need to outsource or hire someone to do an improvement then it’s best left undone, but if you are handy and can do some simple carpentry then consider some of the updates below.

Using Composite

Whether it’s fencing, decking, or cladding, composite is a cheap material that is easy to work with and looks fantastic as a finished product. Composite cladding offers the style and beauty of timber without the maintenance hassle, and best of all, you can install it yourself–plus you can feel good about using an environmentally friendly material.

The potential buyers will see gorgeous updates that require little to no maintenance. Making just a few simple updates of this nature may get your potential buyers to be subconsciously willing to increase their offer a bit. Did I mention this stuff is also weatherproof? Make sure you note that as a selling point. No staining, painting, or lacquering year after year.

Kitchen Update

If you have the means of doing the labor yourself, then there is no other major renovation that pays off more than updating the kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the first rooms that potential buyers see when they enter a home, and more often than not, very near the top of their priorities list since it is an area that families spend the most time in. The catch here is that cabinets, countertops, and flooring are some of the most expensive items to purchase; this is especially true when talking about maple wood and granite counters. This really ought to be a DIY project in order to pay off.

These two cost effective upgrades to the first impression areas of your home will help it shows better without breaking the bank. Whatever you do, stay away from updates like a finish basement, or any basement update for that matter. These are no less costly than the rest of the home, but they do very little to increase the value.

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