Beautiful Hallways


Hallways are often ignored when it comes to home design, seen only as a thoroughfare for trampling feet, or a dumping ground for wet coats and muddy shoes, but they can be so much more!

Hallway decor should be lovingly planned just like any other room; it’s the core of the home, and sets the tone for the rest of your place. In shopping for light fittings for this space, I had a family member remark “this will do, it’s only for the hallway”, to which I incredulously replied “It’s the very first part of your home a visitor sees over your head as you open the front door” I am pleased to say that my mother is now the owner of two very beautiful hall lights that she is extremely proud of!

Via Home Klondike


If you have the space, a console table is a great way to inject functional glamour; add a funky bowl to throw your keys and change into, or choose a piece that has a drawer to house the day to day clutter. Pair your table with stylish seating to perch on whilst putting on shoes, and hang a large mirror to open up the area and bounce the light. Of course don’t forget a place to store coats and shoes to keep your fresh new space neat and tidy.

Via House of Anais


Be sure to utilise the length of your hallway to make bold statements with colourful runner rugs, and groups of interesting wall art. You can really have fun with this space, not in spite of it being a zone for passing through, but because it’s an area in which visits are many but fleeting. Make the journey between the rooms of your home interesting and stylish, just like you!

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