Bathroom Mosaic Magic

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Mosaic bathroom tiles create a fantastic flowing effect when used to the extreme, if I’d had a bigger budget for my bathroom, I would have loved to indulge in an edge to edge design, with a few curving walls thrown in for good measure.

The undulating applications achieved in high-end bathrooms remind me of trips to Barcelona, where Gaudi’s mosaics know no borders and conjure magic in places that might have appeared ordinary.


Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaic tiles provide tides of twinkle around your bathing space, with metallic options offering a luxurious edge, but whilst a single colour mosaic application can supply more than enough glitz to your bathroom scheme, a contemporary wallpaper-style mosaic really turns up the interest, bringing unexpected pattern to a simple sanctuary.

Mosaic Inspiration

Bold florals and stripes are all possible with this flexible medium, but even the most random scattering of glossy shades can add a terrific amount of texture; these little beauties do not come cheap, so you may find–like me–that you have to scale back your enthusiasm a little… or a lot!

A great option for introducing a solid pattern on a budget is to use the mosaic sheets only as a backsplash around your bathtub, or set beneath your washbasin; a chunky shelf clad in the tiny tiles gives a small-scale yet stunning effect.


Via Archithings, designed by De Meza

Pixel Art

Those of us who worship a digital deity will love the pixelated designs made possible by these blocky little blighters; you can set stepped typography or graphic icons, so as you submerge in your bubbles you can remain fully immersed in the matrix.

Mid-way on the mosaic project size scale, these tiles make a wonderful backdrop for singing in the shower, and their small dimensions will allow easy coverage of narrow recessed shelving nooks for shampoos and potions.

Now choose your sheets, grab your tiling instruments and orchestrate sweet mosaic!

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Which mosaic would you have?

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