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24 Sep 2015

Blog Refresh on the Way–Thanks for Your Patience!

Giving Snoozy MHR a Virtual Shake… I just wanted to leave a quick note to assure you that I have noticed the site is running a tad slow of late (hey it happens to us all eventually,
20 Sep 2015

Sentimental Decluttering, Let It Go

Let’s tackle the most difficult element of decluttering your home: Sentimentality. We’re told so often to get rid of unused items, to make way for the useful. You might have tried this but hit an emotional wall.
13 Sep 2015

A Kickstart to Decluttering

Open one cupboard, one drawer, or just one basket of belongings and consider if they do indeed actually belong with you. Do you yourself actually find the item useful? Note that this question is directed at you
9 Sep 2015

Declutter to Detox Your Mind

The underlying hum of anxiety and stress that stems from the pile-up of (what should be) simple everyday tasks can make anyone feel as though daily life is a growing weight. Returning home to, or working in,
6 Sep 2015

Mastering Home Organisation: 3 Steps to Creating Task Zones

In my previous article: Simplify to Run Smoothly: Home Organisation, we worked up to the point of creating task zones. To recap, a ‘task zone’ is a term I like to use for any cupboard, drawer, basket,