6 Things to Check at Home Before Having Guests Over for a Big Party

It’s time to dust off your list of guests because it’s spring, which means party season has finally arrived. Your spring or summer soiree will go off without a hitch if you take care of a few chores around the house before your family and friends start to come pouring in. Entertaining this year can be much more successful if you focus on checking these six things before inviting guests over to your home for a big party.

1. Amount of Seating

The first thing you need to think about before having your guests come over is your seating options. For dinner parties, the obvious rule of thumb is to have one seat per person. You can make it even more elegant by creating a custom seating plan. Cocktail parties, cookouts, or garden affairs are a little less strict about seating rules. For casual get-togethers, you can get by with fewer seats.

2. Entertainment Options

Entertainment options are another important part of a great party. Casual outdoor parties can include fun activities such as sports or interactive games. Parties that are a little more upscale can turn up some fancy mood music, or you can even put on your favorite playlist through your phone or computer. You’ll need to make sure your backyard or party space is large enough to handle whatever type of fun events you have planned.

3. Kitchen Storage Space

For parties that involve food, you’ll need to check your storage options for prepared foods, ingredients, and leftovers. A few days before the big event, clear out your refrigerator and freezer to free up space to store party foods you make and that others bring over. Make sure your fridge is set to the right temperature to keep everything in ideal conditions.

4. Air Conditioner’s Capacity

When you have a group of people come over to your house, it can increase the amount of heat and make your rooms feel stuffy and hot. That’s why you should get your HVAC unit checked out a few weeks before your event. Choosing a skilled contractor, such as Wagner Mechanical, can help you get on a schedule of regular maintenance for better comfort indoors.

5. Parking Potential

Having a large number of people over means you’ll also have to make arrangements for parking. If you live in a large, open rural space, you most likely won’t have any problems. Residents of neighborhoods that have strict parking rules may have to make arrangements with friendly neighbors before your guests come over. City dwellers may have to reserve parking space at a local garage if your guest list is large.

6. Bathroom Availability

The last thing to get ready before your party day arrives is your bathroom availability. If you only have one guest bathroom available, you can simply clean it up and stock up on some guest-friendly soaps and towels. For homes with multiple bathrooms, make sure you have directions to help guests find where to go.

Setting up a few things before your party starts can help your gathering be a success. You, your friends, or your family members will be able to make memories together at your special events.

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