3 Cool Gadgets for the 21st Century Home

electric window openerToday’s homes are getting, for lack of a better word, user-friendly, and that’s no joke! If you thought that only web pages could be ‘responsive’ you really should look again. There’s probably just about every gadget needed for running a home that can be programmed to do its assigned task at any time of the day or night, with little or no human intervention other than the amount of time it takes to program commands into the controller.

If you’re on the look out for gadgets that can make your life a little easier and save money at the same time, here are three cool gadgets for the 21st Century home…

1) Climate Control Sensors

If you think that a climate control sensor is nothing more than a glorified thermostat, then you must not have seen the latest in climate control technology: Climate control sensors do so much more than kick the air conditioner on and off as temperatures vary, and they certainly can do more than operate a furnace. Many of today’s climate control sensors are equipped with CO2 sensors that can quickly open windows if there is a dangerous level of carbon dioxide in your home and they can even close your windows when the rain is going to begin. No, it isn’t magic, but it is the next best thing.

2) Electric Window Openers

If when sitting in front of the television you find yourself smack bang in the middle of a high point in a film when the weather turns just too cool for comfort, you might not want to pause the movie for window adjustments when others are enjoying it with you. In getting up to close windows you can’t help but disturb those around you, plus it always seems you’ll miss an integral nugget of the movie that makes following scenes irritatingly obscure. With remote controlled electric window openers you can stay seated, push a button and voila! Your windows close by themselves. Well, almost anyway. In fact, if you also have a climate control sensor, it could be programmed so you didn’t need to think about it at all.

3) Voltage Optimisers

Because of the high cost of electricity, more and more households are looking for ways to save money. Some have gone largely solar whilst others have begun using biofuels for their heating needs. What about a voltage optimiser that reduces spikes that can drive your power bill sky high, did you ever think about the harm to your sensitive electronics those spikes cause? Voltage optimisers save money in two distinct ways: They help to reduce your energy bill and they promote a longer life span for anything electrical in your home.

These are only a few of the cool gadgets that can make your life a whole lot easier and save money in the long run. When you think of all the accumulated time you waste on manual operation of so many functions that smart devices can control, it’s amazing how much efficiency these gadgets provide. Smart people in the 21st Century have smart homes.

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