Kitchen Designs that Earn Their Stripes

by · January 29, 2013

When planning a new look for your culinary space it can be difficult to find a design that speaks the right volume. Plain cabinet doors can be beautiful in their simplicity, and textured doors can make a louder statement, but how about a happy medium? The unique composition of these Wren kitchens harbour striking striped designs, and there are a number of different ways in which you can achieve this in your own cooking zone…

The kitchen layouts that really earn their stripes on the chic front are those that use uniformly sectioned cabinet facias and adjacently placed drawers to create a bold wrap around contrast of colour or woodgrain. This works superbly in a monochrome setting or as a more subtle cut through in a similarly toned texture.

Another way to bring stripes into your space without committing to contrasting cabinetry is to get creative with the layout of your cupboards. Wall mounted base cabinets form an extremely effective horizontal stretch, as well as creating the illusion of extra floor space. Try teaming a floating base run with a narrow row of wall cubbies or open shelving to emphasise the line.

Splash backs are often used as a colourful pop around the perimeter of a cooking zone, but how about using these materials in a more artful way? Take a look at these upstands that have been paired with matching wall panels, mounted high to run off wall cabinets or set off shelving displays.

Of course, beautiful timber and bold granite kitchen worktops will echo the linear feel of a kitchen when selected in a contrasting colour, or when matching the tone of cabinet front cut-throughs. Arrange bench top accessories, like herb pots and ingredient canisters, in groups of three or five to further emphasise the length of your work area too.

With so many great ways to incorporate a slash of contemporary kitchen class, if a new kitchen design is on the horizon, try horizontal stripes.

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