Chic Halloween Tricks & Treats!

With Halloween creeping up on the horizon I thought it was about time to get into the spirit of the season and deliver a spell of ideas on how to conjure a haunting décor with a dash of class. Now, subtle sophistication and happy Halloween don’t always go hand in claw I know, but when a spooky soiree just does not call for googly-eyed ghosts or colourful coffins, what exactly do you decorate with? It’s time to get creative…

Monochrome elegance is always a safe bet when it comes to creating a smart look, and Halloween lends itself to this palette completely.

Try spray-painting your old collection of tacky titbits for a more uniform look, like this display of cheap plastic skulls and goblets that have been piled onto a tray to make a cohesive display. Once your black paint is dry you can highlight the edges with a little white chalk or pencil to really bring out the chilling detail.


Via Designfabulous

This rock collection has been sprayed in chalkboard paint and scribbled with ominous messages, before being arranged in a glass bell jar.

Glass vessels are perfect for a Halloween display, as they can be packed with mysterious specimens and potions: fill clear bottles and mason jars with water and food colouring for a murky veil in which to suspend brains (cauliflower) and eyeballs (grapes), and finish them off with bewitching labels describing their creepy contents.

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  • Funkimunki

    Love all of the ideas provided! Very spooky with a touch of Halloween class!!!