Chalkboard Paint Ideas for a Blast of Blackboard Décor!

by · April 18, 2012

You may have noticed the chalky trend that is blackboard walls and home accessories, of which I was a little reserved in the beginning; the notion of chalk dust flying around my home, or transferring onto clothes, did not appeal, and I know I’d be a control freak as to who may scribble what on my lovingly perfected memo wall! But I must admit, I’m starting to come around…

Chalkboard paint comes in an art cupboard of colours (you can even make your own), but I’m partial to the old school blackboard look that can be kept seriously monochrome with white chalk application, or occasionally brightened with a blast of colourful notes. The flexibility of the concept is where the magic lies, and the application possibilities are seemingly endless.


I’ve come to appreciate that chalkboard decor can add to home organisation and neatness rather than take away from it, with the ability to plan menus and jot down shopping lists in the kitchen, or create a monthly planner for the families appointments, activities or bill juggling in the home office.

When furniture is painted in this fashion, it can be labelled up to make craft supplies and toys far easier to find, and put away, and can be quickly relabelled after a tidy out or a new use comes about.


Confining the day-to-day graffiti within chunky frames is a stylish way to participate in this easygoing look without having an entire wall to wipe down, and you could assign each family member their own area so that artistic tempers and organisers don’t flair when someone inevitably encroaches on their workspace.

A great money saving tip is to draw out your own ornate frames, or with a little patience you could sketch out a loose wallpaper pattern, intricate mural, a headboard or decorative standard lamp, and change it next month, or next week! There’ll be little dust concern when using your blackboard feature wall in this way, as erasing will probably be a rare occurrence after putting in so much time and effort–but by chalking out your designs, rather than painting or pasting them on, you can achieve a cool, creative look on a shoestring with complete versatility.

Expensive wall coverings may talk-the-talk, but why not show you can chalk-the-chalk!

Find lots more chalkboard ideas throughout my Pinterest boards, and don’t forget  to submit pictures of your own decor via my quick and easy Submission Form!

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  1. I LOVE this article! #Chalkboards they just aren’t for classrooms anymore! Great job Em!

  2. Ann Hughes says:

    This is fun!!! 

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